InChange provides Human Resource Development HRD Services, Coaching and Consulting for companies in transformation.

InChange empowers People in Change

Our coaches and consultants are specialized in organizational changes, mergers, acquisitions and cultural changes. Our aim is to guide organization towards self-management with approach focused on Emotional Intelligence and understanding human behavior in times of continuous change.

We are based in Finland and provide services for local as well as multinational companies across the Globe.


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Update your organizational mindset in

Changing Times

Research shows that 20-30% of change management strategies fail.
The following are the key elements for a successful transformation:

  1. Leadership mindset change. Make sure the top leadership agrees on the needed change and is committed to setting the example.

  2. Collaboration throughout the organization. People should be empowered. Collaboration requires strong communication skills.

  3. Understanding the human aspects related to change. Emotions arise in times of change, and by fostering the positive & engaging emotions as well as by addressing the negative ones, the transformation will be strongly grounded.

InChange offers:

  • Change Training and Coaching

  • Change Workshops

The most important skills of the future are

Emotion & Empathy

Emotional intelligence is a highly valued, future skill at workplaces. InChange partners with NayaDaya® Inc. The scalable NayaDaya® solution brings together empathy, science, and emotion technology, to create a deep insight into human emotions, behavior, and engagement. InChange capitalizes on the emotion data by co-creating working environments with engaging emotions.

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InChange offers:

  • Emotion & Empathy Training and Coaching

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Advancing to

Leadership Development 2.0

Traditional organizational and leadership development has been about offering the same leadership development training for all. InChange wants to change this. We offer modular leadership trainings, where individual participants can choose the most appropriate ones based on their strengths. Our leadership training programs may also be specifically themed, focusing on e.g. productivity and well-being at work.

InChange offers:

  • Leadership Development Programs

  • Modular Leadership Training and Coaching

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Contact Information


Sanna Niemelä
+358 50 331 7096

Sanna Niemelä has over 20 years of experience in business development, first in business profitability, and later in human development as a leadership coach and a change coach and consultant.

Sanna is especially inspired by new organisational structures, vertical learning and development as well as transformative changes. She is among the very few coaches in Finland to have been certified as a Global Leadership Profile Coach. Her way of working can be described as humane, positive and solution-focused.

Sanna has a Certified Business Coach Diploma (ICF standards) from the Business Coaching Institute in Helsinki. Additionally, she has Group and Team Coaching and Wisdom Coaching Diploma (also from the BCI).

Maria Kausto-Turner
+358 40 353 5851

Maria Kausto-Turner in an experienced HRD professional, leadership trainer and coach. She has worked nearly 30 years in the HR concentrating on Learning and Development and Training. Work environments in large corporations, small start-ups as well as international institutions are familiar to her.

Maria coaches leaders on their leadership and change journeys and supports organizations as a change coach and consultant in challenging business situations.

Maria’s passion is to support and coach others so they can excel and succeed. Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience are topics often included in her work. Her way of interacting and working with others is characterized as inspiring and compassionate.

Maria has a Brain-based Coaching Certificate (ICF standards) from the NeuroLeadership Group Finland. She is also a licenced Natural Tendencies™ trainer. 

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